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Zombie Gnomes RevenantFX 10

RevenantFX is made up of 2 independent artists based just north of Toronto, ON.

We specialize in all things undead, from zombie gnomes to masks, makeup and soon apparel. If it’s recently deceased and has the intention of returning to life, chances are we’re working on a way to produce it 😉

All of our pieces are handmade every step of the way; from conception to sculpting, then molding, casting, painting, finishing and finally packaging to ship – Everything is done in-house at RevenantFX headquarters with an eye for gore and always with the utmost attention to decay…rrr..*detail!

Each piece is methodically crafted with an undying love of the undead and the uncanny drive of a mad scientist to ensure that you will be proud to help spread the infection to your home and neighborhood!

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  1. Really unique, amazing☠️☠️

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