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Transformation Complete! Zombie Gnomes Now Available Here ;)

Welcome back Guys and Ghouls!

Its been far to long..

Needless to say our website was long overdue for an overhaul, but hey, No one said there was time spread a worldwide zombie gnome apocalypse AND learn web design :p

So we got help..

Thanks to our good friend Peter from Amagicreative we finally have a beautifully updated website with our own store!!

If ya like the look our site or need any graphic design, web design, video production or animation done get at him: or

Now we can spread the infection directly to you without any need for middlemen/middlewoman, and god knows we don’t need anymore middlemen or middle women :p


Be sure to check back soon as we are still in the process of adding more Zombie Gnomes and undead delights to the shop and we’ve got plenty of exciting new projects in the works for 2015!




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RoFo The Rob Ford Gnome (not robbie bobbie bobblehead) :p

So… In a slightly different direction than usual we’ve made a parody gnome of the notorious Rob Ford.
He comes in both a “Classic” and “Stupored” edition and he’s available now in our Etsy shop..

Please enjoy responsibly 😉

Can’t Get enough controversy from the media about Toronto’s mayor?
Than it’s time to bring the mayor and all his controversy to your garden!

That’s right folks, now you too can have your own political circus right on your front lawn!
Your garden gnome community will now have a leader to look to and follow on all their gnomish adventures.
Allegations will run wild
Alleged drug use will be rampant
Alleged scandals will be plentiful
All in an alleged “drunken stupor” right on your front lawn!

Adopt this gnomish RoFo, bring him home today.
Place him in your garden and you can be sure thats where he’ll stay!
For In search of food and pleasure some gnomes will tend to roam
..But in the case of this gnome, he’s got enough to eat at home

Each of these mythical mayoral figures are sculpted meticulously in water/oil clay, cast in rock solid premium grade gypsum cement.
Then hand-painted to bring out all of their mayoral detail (and to ensure that no two are exactly the same).
Lastly, they are each coated in a high gloss outdoor sealer to preserve their charming looks
and to help prevent any further mishaps by means of weather.


Rob Ford Gnome "Stupored Edition"
Rob Ford Gnome “Stupored Edition”
Rob Ford Gnome for sale
Rob Ford Gnome for sale


We hope you can find it in your heart to elect him for your garden today 😉





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RevenantFX @ Toronto Fan Expo today

Hey Guys and Ghouls,

We’re all set up and ready to go;  zombie gnomes, horror masks, zombie heads and more!

Plus there are tons of other cool vendors and guests to check out.

Today is the first day of Fan Expo Toronto and it goes all weekend… we’re gonna be there so come by and chat us up 😉

Revenantfx at #fanexpo
Revenantfx at #fanexpo

Considered by many to be the “Comic Con” of Canada, Fan Expo Canada™ humbly began as the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995. Growing from one genre with 1500 fans to a multifaceted show connecting over 90,000 fans, Fan Expo Canada™ is currently the 3rd largest pop culture event in North America!

Timeline and Growth:

1995 – the inaugural Canadian National Comic Book Expo (1,500 fans)
1998 – The Canadian National Anime Expo was added (7,000 fans)
1999 – The Science Fiction Expo is added (9,700 fans)
2004 – Rue Morgue’s “Festival of Fear” Horror expo joins in (28,000 fans)
2005 – Gaming Expo joins the event (40,000 fans)
2006 – rebranded as FAN EXPO CANADA™ featuring Comic, Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror and Gaming (43,000 fans)


The success of Fan Expo Canada™ is not only due to its unique content but also its growing, diverse community.

Now entering its 19th year, Fan Expo Canada™ showcases over 900 exhibitors and sprawls over 750,000 square feet of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!

see you there!!


-Casper & Sadie

Revenantfx zombie gnomes at Toronto Fanexo 2013
Revenantfx zombie gnomes at Toronto Fanexo 2013