Gnome Care

Gnome Care

So you’ve just welcomed a Zombie Gnome into your home…
What now you may ask?
Display it with pride,
So all guests may be terrified!

Their favorite place to live is under shelter like
porches, overhangs, trees or even indoors.
They are happiest when they are dry and in the shade.


Each gnome is coated with 2 coated of outdoor concrete sealer
to help protect their paint. That said though, like anything thing left
outdoors indefinitely, they are susceptible to decay.
Here are a few tips to help prevent it.

1. Try to place them somewhere with a bit of shade.
(Zombies like darkness, so does paint)

2. Bring them in for winter.
(rigor slows movement, snow and ice make it worse,
Zombies hate snow and ice, so does paint)

3. If possible, place them somewhere with some gravel/ small rocks beneath.
The stone they are made of will absorb water from the base and eventually lift paint,
So keeping water from pooling beneath is key.
(Soggy zombies shed their skin… or in this case paint)

By following these steps you’ll help your gnomes lead a long and happy/hungry afterlife.

Remember to have your gnomes spayed or neutered!
Remember to have your gnomes spayed or neutered!

2 thoughts on “Gnome Care

  1. I have bought several of these works of Art. I personally keep them in the house. They are very very Heavy and the paint quality is Awesome! I plan on buying a lighted display cabinet just for my collection. I would recommend these hand paint gems to all that enjoy something truly different.

  2. I am such a huge fan of your Zombie Gnomes. Every year, my husband brings me one from Montreal ComicCon. To date, I have Ribor Mortis, Crawling and Eat More Guts. We have just reserved Bloody Mary and Vinnie the Victim and will pick them up at ComicCon in July. I love to display them in my Victorian Garden with a few regular garden gnomes and watch peoples reaction to them. We are huge fans! Thanks so much for bringing them to Montreal.

    Mark and Cindie van der Vlist

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