The Leprecadaver – Green Leprechaun Zombie Gnome


Dee-diddle-dee-dee it’s a Leprachaun! Actually, a Lepracadaver! Sure he may be dead, but he still loves potatoes… and Lucky Charms… and whiskey… and, of course, gold. Oh how he loves gold!

But more than anything he loves brains! Brains, and blood and body parts… they’re magically delicious!
And who could blame this little green trickster for coveting his prey? They’re always after his Lucky Charms! Unfortunately for all of those would be Leprechaun hunters out there, he’ll probably find you before you find him…

A bite of your skin is like a pot of gold
A mouth full of flesh never gets old
A sighting of him means your life is over
He wants your brains more than a four leaf clover

12″tall and 8lbs of pure Irish undead.
Hand-casted, hand-painted, and hand-made.
Bring the flesh feast of St. Patrick to your garden today, catch him quick before he gets away!

Each of these mythical walking corpses are sculpted meticulously in water/oil clay, cast in rock solid premium grade gypsum cement, and hand-painted to bring out all of their ghoulish detail (and to ensure that no two are exactly the same). Lastly, they are each coated in a high gloss outdoor sealer to prevent any further decay and to help these carnivorous cadavers withstand the elements in their continuous hunt for human flesh.


You will receive one painted in this scheme (may not be the one pictured but identical to it)

*Custom painting available







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