Patty McNasty


Four leaf clovers
And pots of gold
The hunt for Leprechauns never gets old!

If a Mc-fiend is what you seek
Show no fear!
Look no further!
We have them here! 🍀

We are pleased to introduce you to Patty McNasty! A rare North-American Leprechaun!
Newly minted in the lush green forests of Highlands East, Ontario 🇨🇦. Originally thought to only inhabit the great Emerald Isle of Ireland🇮🇪, their migratory patterns, magical powers ✨ and modern transportation have allowed them to travel to and inhabit many other parts of the world 🌎โ€ฆ
Now including yours!

Perched upon his pile of treasure
Making your acquaintance would be his pleasure!
Mostly quite, he keeps to himself
Taking it all in from his home on the shelf
Crazy like a fox and sly like a mouse
Now you too can have a Leprechaun
come live in your house!
Four toes on each foot
Four fingers on each hand
Four claws on each
For to snatch gold on demand!
Gold chains, gold teeth,
gold nuggets, good luck!
If itโ€™s gold he wants it,
He donโ€™t give a buck!

And donโ€™t let his size or stature fool you in any way;
Heโ€™s like a green wolverine if you try to take his gold away!
You can look at him from a distance but do not dare touch,
that is if you care for your fingers much! 😋

Handmade Handpainted Handbiting
Short but not small!
This little fiend stands 8 inches tall

No real gold was used in the making of this statue or taking of these pictures. Any resemblance to gold real or fictional is purely coincidental. Extra loonies pictured not included😝☘️💚☘️💚

Each of these handcrafted statues are solid cast pieces of art inspired by our undying love of all things Halloween and our desire to fuse it into everything!! 👻💀🧡
Conceptualized, designed, sculpted, molded, cast, and painted %100 by us (Casper&Sadie Revenant) from our home to yours; we hope he can help you craft your perfect St.Patrickโ€™s display and bring a little McJoy to you and yours each and everyday!! ☘️🎃☘️👻☘️💀☘️

He will also come with his name plate signed by both of us on the back ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ready to ship and made for indoor display,
Get chu some Patty McNasty today!! 😉

Thank you for choosing handmade and
Thank you for supporting artists!! 🖤💚🖤


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