Karen Cooper ‘Night of the Living Dead’


From the silver screen to your bloody garden scene
She keeps coming back in a blood thirsty lust for human flesh
This little ghoul, once cute and full of charm
Succumbed to the infection through a bite wound on her arm
Then she killed her parents, stabbed her mom with a spade
Ate her all up and joined the Zombie Brigade
Since that fateful Night of the Living Dead
She’s traveled the land hunting humans to be fed
Karen the girl may be long dead and gone
But her walking corpse can now haunt your lawn

Standing 12in tall and weighing 9lbs

Each of these mythical walking corpses are sculpted meticulously in water/oil clay and casted in rock solid premium grade gypsum cement. Then hand-painted to bring out all of their ghoulish detail (and to ensure that no two are exactly the same). Lastly, they are each coated in a high gloss outdoor sealer to prevent any further decay and to help these carnivorous cadavers withstand the elements in their continuous hunt for human flesh.


You will receive one painted in this scheme (may not be the one pictured but identical to it)

*Custom painting available




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