Saber Teeth Rabbit


Saber Teeth Rabbit
(Rabbitus Teethyust)

The North American Saber Teeth Rabbit
(or Saber Teeth Rab for short)
Was thought to be long extinct
Or thought to be non existent
Or more so not thought about at all!
Because it’s nonsense…
But, we thought about it, so now it exists πŸ˜‰
If that makes sense…
Speaking of senses
These critters have super senses!

They can hear a pin drop from 7 miles away
And their x-ray vision is also infra-red
So they can see their way!

They can sense a drop of blood
In a body of water the size of Hudson’s Bay
And their Saber Teeth are razor sharp
To help them catch their prey

They can sense a lot of things
In the forest both at night and during day
Some say that their super senses
Come From Radio active decay

None of these facts are verified
Or true in any way
This is make believe on the internet
So it’s real if we say!

Happy April Fools. Hope you have
A Fangtastic day!
Be sure to check back soon
For more cryptids made from clay!

AKA “Insect Hare”

This Teethed Terror stands 13.5″ tall
and weighs approx 6 lbs.


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