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💥💥ATTENTION!!💥💥SCAM ALERT!! BEWARE!!It has been brought to our attention that some fake sites/pages are falsely advertising our work for sale! THIS IS NOT US!! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!These are scam pages and we are actively working on having them remove our content.Our work is only sold by us on our website (, our Etsy site ( or directly through us. Any other websites offering our work are FAKE AND RUNNING A SCAM!Again, please, please, please do not be fooled and feel free to help us by reporting any you see!Thanks so much and stay safe!! Love, Sadie & Casper

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Transformation Complete! Zombie Gnomes Now Available Here ;)

Welcome back Guys and Ghouls!

Its been far to long..

Needless to say our website was long overdue for an overhaul, but hey, No one said there was time spread a worldwide zombie gnome apocalypse AND learn web design :p

So we got help..

Thanks to our good friend Peter from Amagicreative we finally have a beautifully updated website with our own store!!

If ya like the look our site or need any graphic design, web design, video production or animation done get at him: or

Now we can spread the infection directly to you without any need for middlemen/middlewoman, and god knows we don’t need anymore middlemen or middle women :p


Be sure to check back soon as we are still in the process of adding more Zombie Gnomes and undead delights to the shop and we’ve got plenty of exciting new projects in the works for 2015!




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RoFo The Rob Ford Gnome (not robbie bobbie bobblehead) :p

So… In a slightly different direction than usual we’ve made a parody gnome of the notorious Rob Ford.
He comes in both a “Classic” and “Stupored” edition and he’s available now in our Etsy shop..

Please enjoy responsibly πŸ˜‰

Can’t Get enough controversy from the media about Toronto’s mayor?
Than it’s time to bring the mayor and all his controversy to your garden!

That’s right folks, now you too can have your own political circus right on your front lawn!
Your garden gnome community will now have a leader to look to and follow on all their gnomish adventures.
Allegations will run wild
Alleged drug use will be rampant
Alleged scandals will be plentiful
All in an alleged “drunken stupor” right on your front lawn!

Adopt this gnomish RoFo, bring him home today.
Place him in your garden and you can be sure thats where he’ll stay!
For In search of food and pleasure some gnomes will tend to roam
..But in the case of this gnome, he’s got enough to eat at home

Each of these mythical mayoral figures are sculpted meticulously in water/oil clay, cast in rock solid premium grade gypsum cement.
Then hand-painted to bring out all of their mayoral detail (and to ensure that no two are exactly the same).
Lastly, they are each coated in a high gloss outdoor sealer to preserve their charming looks
and to help prevent any further mishaps by means of weather.


Rob Ford Gnome "Stupored Edition"
Rob Ford Gnome “Stupored Edition”

Rob Ford Gnome for sale
Rob Ford Gnome for sale


We hope you can find it in your heart to elect him for your garden today πŸ˜‰





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Free Zombie Gnome Contest #2

The Gnome for the holidays contest has begun,

time to bring the walking dead to your garden!

Head over to our Facebook page for your chance to win a freeΒ  zombie gnome!

The guidelines are as follows:

If you’ve always wanted to infect your household but haven’t had the funds to do so, now is your chance with our “Gnome For The Holidays” contest!
All you have to do to enter is “like” our Facebook page RevenantFX
and share this post on your wall and you’ll be entered to win!
One lucky winner will be picked at random this Sunday Dec.1st
to have a FREE ZOMBIE GNOME of their choice shipped to them.
Good luck and happy hunting fiends

Santa Corpse the Christmas Zombie Gnome
Santa Corpse the Christmas Zombie Gnome

Spread The Infection!!

-Casper&Sadie Revenant

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Toronto Zombie Walk 2013 and Some New Zombie Gnomes

Hey Guys and Ghouls!

It’s that time of year again the countdown has begun!!
Only 7 days remain until RevenantFX joins the recently deceased and takes to the streets once more to infect the living at Toronto Zombie Walk 2013
Come join us for a gruesome day of blood, guts and gore featuring undead entertainment, ghoulish vendors, thousands of zombies and the beautiful “Trash” from Return of the Living Dead AKA LINNEA QUIGLEY!!

For more info on the walk check out the site :

Also RevenantFX will be bringing along a few fresh new Zombie Gnomes !

First up is the recently deceased

Eatmore Guts Zombie Gnome


This ravenous Gnomish Cadaver is the brother of the late, great Seymour Guts.
His thirst for Brains is only matched by his hunger for guts!
Eatmore Guts will be sure to infect everything else in your garden/home one blood soaked, viscera covered entrail at a time!

Eatmore Guts Zombie Gnome
Eatmore Guts Zombie Gnome


Next we have our new and dismembered :


Disemboweled Donny Zombie Gnome

A shredded mess of blood, guts and gore
Poor little Donny can’t walk no more
Gone are his gnome feet, calfs and thighs
Now everywhere he crawls something dies
A gnome once proud with his gnome hat on head
Now just another of the gnomish undead
Entrails, ribs and spine all on display
Bring Donny home to your garden today!

Donny Zombie Gnome RevenantFX 2
Disemboweled Donny Zombie Gnome

Donny Zombie Gnome RevenantFX
Disemboweled Donny Zombie Gnome


And last but definitely not least:

The Great Pumpkin Corpse

Behold The Great Pumpkin Corpse!
Risen from his pumpkin patch grave just in time for Halloween
This soul swallowing gourd would be the perfect addition to any haunters Halloween display
and a wonderful decoration for the most hallowed of days!

The Great Pumpkin Corpse
The Great Pumpkin Corpse


All of these atrocities can be found for sale in our Etsy shop here:

Hope to see you next week at the Toronto Zombie walk πŸ˜‰

until then..






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RevenantFX @ Toronto Fan Expo today

Hey Guys and Ghouls,

We’re all set up and ready to go;Β  zombie gnomes, horror masks, zombie heads and more!

Plus there are tons of other cool vendors and guests to check out.

Today is the first day of Fan Expo Toronto and it goes all weekend… we’re gonna be there so come by and chat us up πŸ˜‰

Revenantfx at #fanexpo
Revenantfx at #fanexpo

Considered by many to be the β€œComic Con” of Canada, Fan Expo Canadaβ„’ humbly began as the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995. Growing from one genre with 1500 fans to a multifaceted show connecting over 90,000 fans, Fan Expo Canadaβ„’ is currently the 3rd largest pop culture event in North America!

Timeline and Growth:

1995 – the inaugural Canadian National Comic Book Expo (1,500 fans)
1998 – The Canadian National Anime Expo was added (7,000 fans)
1999 – The Science Fiction Expo is added (9,700 fans)
2004 – Rue Morgue’s β€œFestival of Fear” Horror expo joins in (28,000 fans)
2005 – Gaming Expo joins the event (40,000 fans)
2006 – rebranded as FAN EXPO CANADAβ„’ featuring Comic, Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror and Gaming (43,000 fans)


The success of Fan Expo Canadaβ„’ is not only due to its unique content but also its growing, diverse community.

Now entering its 19th year, Fan Expo Canadaβ„’ showcases over 900 exhibitors and sprawls over 750,000 square feet of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!

see you there!!


-Casper & Sadie

Revenantfx zombie gnomes at Toronto Fanexo 2013
Revenantfx zombie gnomes at Toronto Fanexo 2013


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Happy Canada Day and Pride Weekend to all our fellow Canadians!!

In the spirit ofΒ  Canada day and pride week, we created a few special versions of our Ribor Mortis Zombie Gnomes to show our support!

Here they are, Hope you enjoy them and we hope everyone had a great celebratory undead weekend here in Canada and abroad πŸ˜‰


Happy Pride Week from RevenantFX
Happy Pride Week from RevenantFX

Happy Canada Day From RevenantFX
Happy Canada Day From RevenantFX


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Alot of new stuff to post in the coming weeks but for now…
We are pleased to announce that we will be taking part in this years CHA Scarefest!
So far it’s shaping up to be an awesome event with tons of cool vendors, speakers and a few workshops from what we hear..


The list of vendors thus far looks amazing and there’s probably more to come!

Canadian Haunters Association
Haunted House Creations
Darklight Precision Lighting Systems
Room 57
Horrors Unlimited
Grim Stitch Factory
Liquid Imprints
Pandora’s Box Creations
Stephen Burger – Comic Book Writer/Artist
Killhaus Entertainment OPS Inc.
Amazing Party & Costume
Rue Morgue Magazine
Haunt Ventures
Toronto Zombie Walk
Black Widow Hearse Club
Sinister Laboratories
Baby’s First Boo
Creeped Out
The Gift Crypt
The Ontario Ghostbusters
Dotsy’s Extertainment Company
Mike’s Custom Creations

For more info click the banner above or the picture below and check out the official website..
Let’s be honest come July we could all use a little more Halloween in our lives πŸ˜‰
Hope to see you there!!

Halloween Haunters Convention
Halloween Haunters Convention

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Zombie Gnomes and Bloody masks and Chainsaws, Oh my!

The warm weather is finally returning and the beginning of spring means the dawn of more undead for RevenantFX!

We’ve been busy little cadavers,; conjuring spells and raising the dead is hard work but we’ve got lots of new stuff to show you πŸ˜‰

First off , we have some new latex masks that will be ready for this season.Β  Here’s the first, a skin mask in the making. It will be available in a wearable version and a display version in the coming months. Enjoy!

bloodyface IMG_6250ss IMG_6246ss


Secondly, we have here our newest addition to our little Walking Dead Clan. He will also be cast in late and offered in both wearable and display version. With many different paint schemes available. We believe that one company can never truly have too many different Zombie Heads to choose from. πŸ™‚


Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX
Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX


Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX
Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX


Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX
Newest Latex Mask by RevenantFX


Next up we have a work in progress. The newest member of our Garden Nightmares collection. From deep within the bizarre annals of American history comes a strange, possibly inbred killer. Best known for his love of Chainsaws. His penchant for taxidermy and his mask. We proudly present The Texas Chainsaw Butcher. He’s 12″ tall and can’t wait to become your personal arborist. He’ll be available in the coming weeks via our Etsy shop here: The only question that remains is… Who in the Garden will Survive? And what will be left of them…?


Texas Gnome Massacre
Chainsaw Gnome


Texas Chainsaw Gnome
Chainsaw Butcher Gnome


Leather face Chainsaw Gnome by RevenantFX
Chainsaw butcher Gnome by RevenantFX


Last but most definitely not least, Riber Mortis! You may ask what is Riber Mortis? A recent cause of death thought to be linked with the current dine -in special at your local BBQ joint?
Well possibly..
But not in this case.
Riber Mortis is the name of RevenantFX‘sΒ  newest Zombie Gnome!
Torn and tattered
Ravaged and battered
Rigor to stay
And ribs on display.
This ravenous beast seems to actually be enjoying his life after death. As his taste for brains far surpasses the lack of taste he brought to the lawn while in life. A true carnivore, it is thought that he may actually be the one responsible for eating his arm… (Gnome wings?) who knows?… What we do know, he stands 12” tall and is cast in solid gypsum cement. Handcasted, hand-painted andΒ 
hand finished with a high gloss outdoor sealer.

New Zombie Gnome Sculpt RevenantFX
New Zombie Gnome Sculpt RevenantFX

More to come soon! Until then…