Groundbreaker – Zombie Gnome


It is believed that this Gnome may have actually died of natural causes, as he was formally… formerly… buried beneath the ground. The story goes, sometime soon after the infection broke out it rained.

This “Devil’s Rain” washed the lakes of infected blood into the earth and it seeped down down down into the soil, 6″ under to where he was buried. It awoke this slack-jawed ghoul with oh such hunger. He exploded through his dwarven coffin like a hand grenade and shot up through the ground like a bat out of hell. Breaking the surface like some evil garden atrocity from the nightmares of the great Pumpkinrot.

He now remains half submerged in dirt. Waiting for unsuspecting mail men, girl guides or evil door to door religious solicitors to pass by so he can dig his teeth into their heels and spread the infection unto the human race!

This anklebiter stands 9in tall and weighs 9lbs
Hand-casted, hand-painted, hand-made.
Unearth him for your home today!


You will receive one painted in this scheme (may not be the one pictured but identical to it)

*Custom painting available

***Please allow 3 – 5 days for shipping***

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