Hoppy Feet The Beastly Bunny Rabbit (Cute Cottontail Version)



Cottontails & Bunny Trails!

Behold! Beware!

This foul rodent is no ordinary hare!😜

A harmless rabbit may be

What you fear least🐰

But this bad-tempered bun

Is a cruel killer beast!💀

A vicious little fiend

Sure to make guests & neighbours say:

โ€œRun away! Run away!

Run away! Run Away!โ€

Each of these solid cast hoppin hares are approx. 11in tall, About 7lbs and 100% Handmade & Handpainted

Freshly hatched and ready to bounce your way

Getchu a nice rabbit for your home today!😜🐰🎨🐇👻


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