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☘️ Bailey Pumpkinspice EerieThing OOAK Statue By RevenantFX ☘️

May your Irish Cream be cold like ice, cheers from Bailey Pumpkinspice!

Bailey Pumpkinspice EerieThing

Pumpkinspice Eerie Things!!🎃
You know what’s more fun than NFTs? NFPs!
Non fungical Pumpkinspices!!🎃
Real handmade sculptures to decorate and display in your real home!

This is a real ooak statue!

Everything is more nice, with a little Pumpkinspice…

We are pleased to introduce to you “Bailey Pumpkinspice”. A member of our St.Patricks Day 2022 collection, she is inspired in part by Irish Cream and St.Patrick’s Day! She has a vibrant green palette with deep shaded accents brought to life using various artist inks and specialty finishes. She features gold eyes and creamy off white vines. Pairs nicely with Irish Cream, Coffee or a Shamrock Shake 🍀. Perfect for the Irish McPumpkin lover in your life and those who enjoy a Halloween aesthetic.

Each of our Pumpkinspice Eerie Things is a handmade & handpainted unique artwork, part of an ongoing series; all made from actual scratch by real artists in Canada😋🖌🍁

No matter the date you don’t need a reason, Pumpkinspice is always in season!

Need a gift for that someone? A present for the wife? Give the gift of Pumpkinspice to the one in your life!

Each of these unique handcrafted statues are solid cast one of a kind pieces of art inspired by our undying love of all things Halloween and our desire to fuse it into everything!! 👻💀🧡
Conceptualized, designed, sculpted, molded, cast, and painted %100 by us (Casper&Sadie Revenant) from our home to yours; we hope she can help you craft your perfect all Hallows display and bring a little Halloween joy to you and yours each and everyday!! 🎃

Chocolate is ok
And candy is nice
But your sweetheart would really love
A little Pumpkinspice!

Need a gift for yourself? Don’t think twice! Viva to the world, spice up your life! 😝

She is Solid cast 7”inches tall,
measures approx. 5”inches wide
and weighs about 4 1/2lbs
She will also come with her name plate signed by both of us on the back 😉

Ready to ship and made for indoor display,
Get chu some Pumpkinspice today!! 😉

Thank you for choosing handmade and
Thank you for supporting artists!! 🖤🧡🖤

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