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The last day on earth..

Well… the world didn’t seem to end. So, welcome back!

Happy to see you returned; your hunger for more is what fuels us, don’t you know?

…that and BRAINS! delicious, tasty, succulent BRAAAINS!!

Sweet, warm, fresh, juic…

I digress.

Anyways, we’ve been pretty busy here at RevenantFX headquarters over the past few weeks getting all them gnomes shipped out in time for Christmas like a couple of demonic bloodthirsty little elves.  Preparing for Christmas in general as well.

Also, we celebrated Sadie’s birthday this past weekend. She turned 21.. again. Needless to say we all ended up in a zombie-ish state by the end of it and the recovery has been slow.

Happy Birthday Sadie!!

Somewhere in the midst of all that we managed to complete the sculpts for the first 4 of our upcoming set of “bite size” zombie gnomes (pictures to come soon!)

As you may notice we’ve also been working non-stop making improvements on this site. Like anything else, learning the mechanics of what goes into making a website + function and becoming that little man behind the curtains has been no easy task; but then again, who said the business of gnoming was easy?

Soo… That brings us to the end of today’s update. Technically speaking there are actually 5hrs and 22 mins left of this day, so maybe the end is still on it’s way. If that be the case remember “You don’t end up dead if you always aim for the head”.

If indeed we do survive these last few hours my next post will include no references to the end of the world…

unless of course if it’s to come from a zombie outbreak. Then I’m allowed! Deal? Cool.





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