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Handmade Horror

Just like Zombie Gnomes, Handmade and OOAK horror items can be hard to come by. Over the Christmas holidays we each received a few amazing pieces made by some fellow independent horror  inspired artists as gifts.

As huge horrorhounds ourselves, we’re constantly on the lookout for rare, unique, handmade and OOAK items that pertain to zombies, horror, Halloween  and generally anything that goes bump in the night. That said, we realize its our obligatory duty to share some for these amazing acquisitions with you!

better a little late than never :p

The Devil’s Latex

First we have the “Burnt Guy” mask made by The Devil’s Latex. He’s not the first mask we’ve got from them and he won’t be the last either but dear god! He is AMAZING!!

Thick latex, insanely detailed paint job, acrylic eyes… what more could you ask for? Every feature one would look for in a latex mask and for a great price too!

Steve is also an awesome guy to deal with as well and he’s probably got the biggest/best line of Slasher masks available anywhere (Jason, Freddy, Myers, Leatherface, etc. he’s got them all)

So if your in the market for some sick latex check them out here:

the devils latex freddy


Knives4Fingers Gloves

The next item we received was a Nightmare On Elm Street replica glove from K4F Gloves and this thing is to die for (much pun intended). It’s Such a cool piece that since we got it, it’s spend more time on my hand than in the display case.

The gloves are 100% handmade with copper/brass plates and fingers, stainless steel blades and a leather or suede glove. Each one comes burnt, weathered and nasty just like on screen. We got a part one and it even included the index finger break as seen in the original movie (look close, it’s there! )

Very well crafted & sturdy… The Burnt Man himself would approve!

They can be found here:

k4f freddy glove


One of the more fashion oriented pieces Sadie got was a handmade+ up-cycled Michael Myers dress. Each of these are made to order in a size and style of your choice.  There are also a few different options for the straps and edging.

Eryn was a pleasure to deal with and got it shipped out super quick in time to arrive before Christmas. She’s got tons more designs and different graphics available in her Etsy shop here:


Duke Dastardly

Another awesome find was this:

We actually ordered this as a Christmas gift for someone else but once it arrived it took every last ounce of our Christmas “cheer” to actually hand it over to him :p

It’s 12x18in, professionally printed on a semi gloss paper and in person it looks soo sleek. Combined with one of the glass border frames you can get most place it looks classy as the day it died. what? ya thats right lol.

More can be found here:

dukedastardly walking dead

Hope you enjoyed and found something ghoulishly new and exciting!

more to come as we acquire it ;P